Shadow screen “Ombrier II”


Henk Mulder

“Ombrier II” (2016)

Acrylic screen with CNC carved genetic fractal tree on an oak base 20 x 13 cm

Plastic IKEA hacked projector on an oak pedestal 9 x 5 cm

This work unites many of the concepts that I have been studying. The fluent and unique shape of the genetic fractal resembles a tree that originates from the oak base. It’s lush shape hides a fundamental truth: simplicity. The seed that drives this genetic from is captured by the most simple of DNA. two numbers: 45° and 0.53. These express the bending and growth of branches.


But there is more to the genetic fractal shape then suggested by the branches carved into the acrylic plate. The light projector reveals a shadow onto the screen. A large tree, as if drawn by marker pen. No matter where you put the screen, the tree will always be there. At night, if you project the light through the plate, the tree will travel at the speed of light to the outer reaches of the universe. But equally, the light of stars will travel through the plate and subtle as the light will be, it will reveal a genetic fractal tree produced by ancient starlight.ombrier-ii-stadow

Origin, simplicity, infinity, light and absence of light. A complete lack of substance but very real all the same.


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