The Shadow Tree “Ombrier I”

This DNA determines where and how branches split away from the trunk and how they must grow. The branching pattern is repeated as the tree grows, creating a typical fractal pattern.

At the centre of the tree is an empty sphere, outlined by three arches. These too are in the DNA of this shadow tree, and illustrate a departure from the norm of nature which abhors perfect geometry; this is man’s trademark. At the heart of the sphere is a light point. Light is the source of life and its central position in the tree is no coincidence.


When lit, the light traverses the network of wiggly branches and as it escapes the canopy, it draws a dark outline of the tree on the walls and ceiling of the room we are in. The shadow of the branches tells its own story; sharp and soft outlines, distorted angles and dark organic shapes. As we observe the shadows we realize the true size of the Shadow Tree. It fills the room. It would fill a cathedral. If left outside, the branches would expand far into space as the shadows travel towards infinity.

Where does this enormous tree come from? Is it the projection of a little tree with a light at its heart? If so, we must ask in turn where that little tree comes from. We know the answer: DNA.

Light, reality and its shadows are all expressions of that deep down program that is at the root of life. The Shadow Tree “Ombrier I” is a study of life and its origins. It expresses the relationship between infinity of form and the simplicity at its core.


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